Jet Charter Group employs great support agents and professionals to help you accomplish your goals.


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Family & Leisure

Life slips through our fingers fast enough.  Avoid TSA Security Lines and hours of extra travel time waiting for rental car shuttles and the cattle chutes.  We understand traveling can be stressful - stay out of the weeds and let us take care of all the details

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Executive & Business

Need to visit 5 cities in 3 days with your team of executives?  Tough to access locations?  No problem, this is what we do, and is why business aviation exists.  We understand the value of your time, and stand ready integrate with your team to execute with you.  Let us show you how.

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special requirements

Need to move a large group or have special cargo considerations?  Let us help sort the options, broker customs and import / export paperwork, and put together a customized solution to fit your lift requirements.


How it works

It all starts with a simple conversation - no subscriptions, no lump-sum payments for a "jet card" or complicated deposit arrangements.  No corporate phone tree - you can have a single point of contact from start to finish.  This is as simple as it gets, tailored to your needs, and with your specific situation in mind.

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We take time to understand your needs

It doesn't matter how simple or complex your needs are, we want to take the time to know what it is you need and what you would like to have so that we can put together a solution tailored to you and your situation.

Next, our team gets to work

We immediately begin identifying the types of aircraft which will fit your trip requirements and matching locations and crews available.  We will compile the best matches in an easy to understand format, enabling you to efficiently compare your options across comfort, time, and economic domains.  Then, once you've selected the option you like best and we have our marching orders, we begin to execute the various arrangements that have to come together to make the trip a success.

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Then, we take care of the extras

Want catering on board the aircraft when you arrive?  Would you like a door-to-door experience with ground transportation included?  Have pets, skis, golf clubs...we regularly help clients with all the above and more.  Let us be a full-service concierge and take care of all the details.

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